The shortest Tokyo trip

As I currently live in South Korea, going to Japan has become a lot easier; I can go for a short weekend trip if the funds allow - which is...

As I currently live in South Korea, going to Japan has become a lot easier; I can go for a short weekend trip if the funds allow - which is what I decided to do for my 2nd Anniversary with my partner this weekend just gone.

It was very rushed as you can imagine, but I tried to get a little shopping done here and there while I was showing him the sights of Tokyo.
Here are some of the beauty items I purchased:

[L to R] Etude House Bling Bling stick and Tear Eye liner, Rohto Lycee eyedrops, Secret Candy Magic colorcon in Grey, Kate Brown Shade Eyes in BR-1, DUP eyelash glue, Visee lipgloss in BE340, Dolly Wink black eyeliner and lashes in No.1, Eye Love Magic lashes in No.5, Beauty Ageha magazine, a choker from Moca Tokyo and the good ol' classic Angel Heart perfume (for nostalgia)

As I have gained a lot of weight over this past year, I only bought a few clothing items - I will definitely purchase some more once I am back down to the slim me again!

[L to R] Pucci Handbag and pouch set, Attagirl sandals, d.i.a embellished collar top and chain belt, Lip Service work bag and MA*RS off-shoulder shirt with waist tie.

We were only there for two days, we decided to try and stay up as late as possible on the Friday and Saturday (lol). After arriving and having lunch and a wander around Ikebukuro, we headed to Shinjuku where we were staying, and looked around the shops and sights there. One of the surprises I had for my darling was to visit an Owl cafe!
Oh my GOD they were all so cute and pretty well looked after. I had a talk with the owner and he was saying that when the weather is cooler, they let them out to free fly, but during the intense summer months, the owls aren't used to Japan's climate, so they keep them indoors. Here are some pictures for any other owl lovers out there~

We had some Tonkotsu ramen for him to try. Buuuttt, I'm not a fan of Japanese authentic ramen (I prefer Udon) and my partner discovered he isn't either! He really wanted to try it, too. Never mind!

We ended up going to the Coyote Ugly bar in Roppongi to see my friend, and after a few hours of drinking, decided to walk to Tokyo Tower in the early hours of the morning. It was so beautiful lit up at night, and I had never been that close to it either.
I posted this video on Instagram for the lolz.

I didn't take any photos the next day on my phone, but after some shopping in 109 and visiting Meiji Shrine, I had a catch-up dinner with my friends that still live in Tokyo - it was so so wonderful to see them and chat about everything we missed out on <3 p="">
I'll be back in February, so not too long away!

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  1. I love everything you got! Especially the tops!
    And I love owls!!! They look so cute and fluffy!!!!!

  2. Nice haul <3 I love that bag, at first sight I thought it was from MA*RS as well.
    What a nice sighting of the Tokyo Tower at night <3 Oh I wish I could go back to Japan each weekend as well! :)


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